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Disclaimer: I received a Men’s Solid Crew Neck Long Sleeve (Black), Running Shorts (Grey), and an Arctic Cool Towel from Arctic Cool to review. Below are my thoughts after using each item.

I was fortunate to receive a few items to test out from Arctic Cool. It is important to note, I have not owned or worn any gear from Arctic Cool previous to receiving these items.

Arctic Cool promptly fulfilled the order and I received an email with order and tracking information quickly.

The package delivered to my home quickly and in a very cool packaging bag. I was impressed without even opening up the bag. I always like it when companies go above and beyond with small things like that. It looked extremely professional.

Everything was packaged neatly and in orderly fashion. Instead of the items being just in the packaging bag or even clear plastic, each was individually wrapped in clear plastic with the Arctic Cool logo repeatedly run across it. Again, I was impressed.

Each item included a card detailing how it was instant cooling and how it worked. I thought this was a neat feature to show. It also included a card welcoming you to the Arctic Cool Revolution along with ways to share if you are happy with the product and who to contact if you are unhappy with it. Both nice touches and to me shows they care about the product they are selling.

Arctic Cool uses Hydrofreeze X Technology. According to Arctic Cool, it combines the natural power of Xylitol with a revolutionary temperature management system that uses your own perspiration to keep you cool and dry. With Xylitol adding extra cooling support, HydroFreeze X actually moves moisture away from the skin and circulates it through the fabric, keeping you cooler, longer. The temp-regulating tech chills your body.

Both items had a high visibility reflective logo which is also fabulous to have for safety.

Washing and drying this gear is simple. Machine wash cold with like colors. Do not use softeners or bleach. Tumble dry low. Basically what all of my other work out gear calls for. Nice and easy.

Men’s Solid Crew Neck Long Sleeve 

The shirt I received is solid black. The texture is awesome. I love the feel of it. It’s very comfortable and feels great against your skin. I ordered the XL and it fits very well. Wasn’t tight in any spots. It felt good but the true question was how would it fair during a run, especially when the sweat got going.

The first time I wore it while running was during a cold day in the 20s. I wore it under a long sleeve pullover. It felt fine under another long sleeve. It didn’t bunch at all and feel uncomfortable or tight in any spots. The shirt definitely did it’s job to my pleasant surprise. I was never cold or hot during the run. I feel like it did what it promised. I had no issues of being uncomfortable while running.

I decided that I would try it out by itself though before writing this review. Yesterday, it was warmer in NJ. In the 50s/60s. I figured this was good to test it out. I wore this long sleeve and a pair of shorts. Went out on an almost 7 mile run. I sweated a lot during the run but the Arctic Cool long sleeve shirt seemed to wick the sweat from my skin. Normally, when I have a good sweat going, I can feel it. Not on this day. This shirt kept my cool and dry. At the end of my run, I touched the outside of the shirt and was like wow it’s wet and what sweat that was. When I reached under to see what my skin was like, I was pleasantly surprised to feel that I was dry. This shirt is awesome.

Running Shorts (Grey)

The running shorts were grey and a size Large. Normally, I wear an XL shirt and shorts but noticed for my waist size, they recommended a size Large. I decided to go with that and see if it was right. It was. Fit my waist line easily and comfortably.

The shorts feature two pockets, which I always like having, along with an elastic waist band and draw string for a secure fit. The inner liner fit comfortably. The perforated side panels enhance breathability.

I will admit, these shorts were shorter than I normally wear. I like more coverage over my thighs. I was a little hesitant to run out in public in them for a little bit but that was just me being self conscious. I figured they felt comfortable, lets take them out for a spin.

At times, I’d look down feeling a little self conscious but realized I was perfectly covered and it was just a little shorter. They felt good. No restriction in my movement. No chafing or bunching. They were light, barely noticed them. and very comfortable.

By the time I was finished, the self consciousness was gone and I felt good. I will definitely continue to use these.

I will say, it would be awesome if they did come out with a longer version though. :o)


As I stated earlier, I had never worn anything from Arctic Cool. I would highly recommend their long sleeve shirt and running shorts. The shirt especially is awesome. Feels great and works great. It lives up to the hype of being instant cooling gear. I really liked how it worked and I am definitely a fan of Arctic Cool. Check it out. They have a lot of offerings, including a golf line, that I will have to check out at some point.

From submitting my order, to packaging, to the clothing, it was all top notch. Great job Arctic Cool on producing great products and presenting them in a way that shows your passion. Thank you for welcoming me to the revolution.

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