13.1 Q&A

There are so many fabulous and runspirational runners out there that I decided it would be a great idea to learn from them. I will be asking 13 questions plus a bonus question or what I like to call 13.1 questions of each featured runner. I hope you enjoy reading about each of these spectacular athletes that I find runspirational and are reason I’m Inspired to Run.

13.1 Questions with Runspirational Runners

Tianna Marshall – TrunsLA (10/26/17)

Stephanie D. – Run Strong Run (8/11/17)

Randy Birnschein – Mr. Ralph (6/28/17)

Jenna Kinzie – Jenna Runs (6/21/17)

Melissa Kahn – Run, Heifer, Run (5/16/17)

Willa – RunningMomTo1 (5/11/17)

Megan Hill (4/21/17)

Hollie S. – FueledbyLOLZ (3/17/17)

Janell Marie – RunCanvas (3/1/17)

Lora Johnson – Crazy Running Girl (2/9/17)

If you have any runners you think would be great for me to interview, send me an email at run@runspirational.com.

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