XX2i France2 Pro Racing Sunglasses

A few weeks ago, I was participating in a #bibchat by @BibRave and XX2i Optics was the sponsor. As a perk, those participating in the #bibchat received a 50% off on any orders. Since I didn’t have any sunglasses just for running, I decided this deal was too sweet to pass up.

I ordered the XX2i France2 Pro Racing Sunglasses in Crystal Green with Green Flash lenses and Green temple tips. They included a tank protector case and one microfiber soft carrying bag that can also be used as a cleaning cloth. Plus, as an extra bonus they sent a XX2i trucker hat for FREE.

The XX2i France2 Pro Racing Sunglasses normally sell for $60. With the #bibchat discount it only cost me $30 for the sunglasses, case, and hat. What an outstanding deal.

I’ve now worn them out on short and long runs. I really love how they fit. They do not move at all when I’m running and that was one of their big selling points.  I have my head on a swivel while I run as I check on my surroundings as I run. They definitely are not lying about them not moving.

I think the lenses do a great job with sunlight. So far, they have not fogged up either like they say. They are simple to clean too.

I think the glasses look good too. The lenses and tips are interchangeable and you can order different colors if you want to change them out. The new lenses are only around $25, which is definitely fair. Down the line, I may add an extra pair or two of lenses.

One thing I didn’t even notice when I bought them was that they have a lifetime warranty. No questions asked, you break or scratch them, send them back to be replaced for a nominal shipping and handling fee! That’s outstanding.

I’m looking forward to using these while I golf too. I highly recommend these sunglasses to any runner, cyclist, or golfer out there.

*Please note, I have not been paid or received this product for free from the company. I purchased this product on my own and this is my opinion only.

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