Travel Stick Review

I purchased The Travel Stick when I picked up my packet for the Pre-Game 4 Miler in February. I had been going back and forth on whether I wanted to buy one of the sticks or a foam roller. When I went to pick up my packet at the running store in Morristown prior to the race, I noticed they had a few The Travel Stick and decided I was going to buy it. I like to try and support the running stores that help out with races by purchasing at least something that I might need, even if it’s just a stick of body glide or some Gu packets.

I decided to buy The Travel Stick instead of the other versions or a foam roller for a few reasons. First, the size of it was fine. It’s smaller and compact  but covers the areas I need to roll out just fine. I figured it would be easier to store in my house and easy to take with me to races or when I travel. I figured I really didn’t have a good spot in my house to store a large foam roller and the gym I go to has them. My thought was if I needed to use one, I could just use it there.

I thought the price was fair for The Travel Stick too. It was $27.50, so I figured it was worth a shot.

I’ve been using The Travel Stick pretty consistently. I use it prior to my runs. I’ll roll out my legs prior to stretching. Then I try and use it after my runs to help with recovery. I definitely see the benefit to both. I feel it helps warm my legs up prior to runs and definitely helps rejuvenate my legs after my long runs especially.

The Travel Stick is simple to use and feels good when using it. It doesn’t feel awkward at all. Very nice, easy, and relaxing.

The best part about The Travel Stick has been being able to bring it to races. I’m able to warm up with it prior to stretching and then leave it in my car while I race. Come back and use it again to help with my recovery plan.

Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase and would recommend it to others.

*Please note, I have not been paid or received this product for free from the company. I purchased this product on my own and this is my opinion only.

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