FlipBelt Review

I purchased the FlipBelt a few weeks ago and have been using it on all of my outside runs.

I decided to get it because I was over having to worry about leaving my car keys in my bag at a race or leaving a key hidden some place outside my home while I was running. I never liked running with a house key as I was worried it would fall out of my arm band or out of my pocket somewhere along the course. At races, my car key is too big for it to fit in my arm band with my iPod.

So, I started looking at what was out there and stumbled across the FlipBelt. I ended up buying the FlipBelt Hydration Belt in black. I also ordered a few exta running bottles. The belt came with two 6oz bottles and one 11oz bottle.  I bought a few extra of each size bottle.

The belt has been great. It fits nicely, which I was a little worried about. Normally when I run, I put my house key in it, iPod Touch, Gu, and water. Nothing moves. I don’t feel it, it’s not an inconvenience in any way. I love it. It’s easy to feel the volume controls on my iPod too without having to take it out. Getting to my Gu packet is simple too. It’s easy to clean and dry. There is a hook for your key, which I do use and it’s reassuring.

For the water bottles, they fit in the belt nicely. I actually prefer the feel of the 6 oz bottles in the belt. The 11 oz felt a little different and you know it’s in there unlike the 6 oz. Water also doesn’t blast out of them like other water bottles, but it was fine. They are dishwasher safe (top rack), which is nice too.

Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase. I’m definitely going to wear it in my races and throughout my training when I’m outside. I don’t know how it compares to other belts out there but this definitely works for me.


*Please note, I have not been paid or received this product for free from the company. I purchased this product on my own and this is my opinion only.

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