Bottle Band

As you have read in some of my blog posts, one of my biggest issues while running, especially during races, is drinking fluids on the run. For some reason, I’m not very good at grabbing a cup of water or was Gatorade at an aid station and drinking it. I’ve tried practicing during races but it always seems like I either end up wearing half of it or I end up inhaling too much air and end up coughing.

I don’t like to stop when I’m running, so I’ve tried to avoid that as the solution. Unfortunately, I think this caused an issue during The New Jersey Half Marathon. I thought I was doing okay drinking at each aid station but I was definitely dehydrated with about a third of the race to go.

Due to this, I made it my focus to change how I hydrated while running both inn races and during training.

Prior to the Boston Marathon, I was reading the blog of Lora Johnson, over at, and she was trying to figure out if she wanted to buy a handheld bottle holder that she could dispose of during the marathon. One of her readers chimed in suggesting she use the BottleBand. I hadn’t heard of this product previously, so I looked it up and liked what I saw. It seemed simple and it was rather inexpensive.

They have a wide selection of colors and motivational phrases to select from. They are only $7.99 apiece. They are simple to use. All you do is slide a bottle through both ends. The bands are elastic so they fit around any type of bottle.

I purchased two BottleBands. I bought the red “Train Harder” and the navy blue “Go Further” bands.

Currently, I’ve been using them around a Gatorade squirt bottle (as seen in the photo above). I slide my hand in and away I go. It allows you to relax your hand more as your not gripping it hard at all times. It won’t fall of your hand, even when your thumb isn’t wrapped around the bottle.

Using the squirt bottle has worked great for me with a bottle band. I have been able to drink the entire bottle without any spills. I think I have finally found my solution thanks to BottleBand.

For my next half marathon, I think I’ll start the race running with a bottle and if the course route allows it where I see my wife and kids about half way through, exchange the empty for a fresh, new bottle of Gatorade.

BottleBand also offers customization. You have to order a minimum of 200 bands but the option is there. I think this would be a great giveaway at races from sponsors or races with their own custom message or logo.

Check it out,, and give this product a chance. I love it and am so happy I stumbled upon it at another blog.

*Please note, I have not been paid or received this product for free from the company. I purchased this product on my own and this is my opinion only.

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