Why the Runner’s World Half is the Perfect Race Before the NYC Marathon!

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The Runner’s World Half Marathon has always been a bucket list race of mine. I have heard so many incredible things about it from other runners that I knew I had to run it soon. Luckily, that’ll be next week.

When I was afforded the opportunity to run this prestigious race, I knew I had to make it work. A few things had to fall into place though this year for it to happen for me.

I had already been selected in the lottery for the NYC Marathon. I had to make sure that a half marathon two weeks prior to the marathon would work with my training plan. I was thrilled when I looked at my training schedule that this was the perfect race for it.

The two other things were making sure I had no family obligations and that the Giants were not home. Family first, as I always say, but it just so happened to be a Sunday that was open. Perfect! I’m a season ticket holder for the Giants, so when I saw they weren’t home that day, I was ready.

Think about it. How could this not be the perfect race to run during my last stretch of training. It’s a race developed by runners for runners. Runner’s World is incredible. You can’t beat everything they put into this weekend. All of the different types of race distances, the seminars, and the beautiful location. It has it all.

This race is perfect too with how it’s set up. It has hills. That is exactly what I was looking for. With the bridges I’ll have to conquer during NYC, this is the perfect training run. It’ll allow me to take on inclines, some greater than others.

I’ll be able to work on my race day hydration and fueling. I’ve been using some new fueling options on my long runs but it’s always good to test them out in race conditions. Same with hydration. I’ve been running a lot of my long runs with my vest/bladder that is a no no for NYC. I have to get used to cups from water stations. This will help immensely.

I’ll also be able to get a better grip on my pace for the marathon. I don’t know how it goes for you, but I always find my pace to be faster during races than during my training runs. I don’t know if it’s the adrenaline pumping, having other runners to push me, the great atmosphere with those cheering, seeing my kids, or what. This will definitely give me a better gauge and feeling for what I have in store on 11/4.

It’ll be great to race in what should be similar weather conditions that I’ll see in NYC. With this race being in Bethlehem, PA and located approximately 85 miles west of NYC, you get a good feel. It’s about an hour fifteen from my home, so I’ll also have practice waking up earlier, getting ready, traveling about the same time as I will prior to the marathon.

Plus, the rich history of Bethlehem that I’m going to see through out the course is going to be outstanding and awesome.

If you’re also running the NYC Marathon, come out and run this one with me. If you’re local, it’s the perfect race. If you’re within driving distance, the area has so much and the race is well worth it. Make a weekend out of it. Use code RWHALF18BIBRAVE and save 15% OFF ALL race distances! Register by clicking here .

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