REVIEW: COROS PACE Multisport Watch

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I was so excited when the opportunity came up to test the brand new COROS PACE GPS Multisport Watch. When I say brand new, I mean brand new. COROS just released this new watch in the past month. I was honored to be one of the first testers of this great new product.

After unboxing the watch, the first thing I noticed was how nice the bands felt when you touched them. Throughout my testing, I’ve had no issues at all with irritation. The bands still feel sleek to the touch even after using it on lots of sweaty runs and in the pool. The band also provides lots, and I mean lots, of notches for you to properly fit the watch on your wrist. The band comes in three colors: red/black, black/black, blue/black. I received the red/black and love how it looks and stand outs.

For workouts, you can select from Indoor Run, Outdoor Run, Outdoor Cycle, Pool Swim, Open Water, and Triathlon. The watch is waterproof. I always get nervous when I hear “waterproof” but this watch has proven to me I have nothing to worry about as I’ve used it my pool for laps and enjoyment.

The face of the watch looks fabulous too. It provides you plenty of data without having to push any buttons. On mine, I can simply look down and see the time, date, steps taken throughout the day, calories burned through the day, active minutes, and battery life. One unique and very cool feature is that the watch face lights up whenever you turn it to look at it allowing one to see the information easier. Kudos to the COROS PACE GPS Multisport Watch on a great watch face.

You can toggle through other important data too. My watch allows me to see calories burned and where it stands against my daily goal along with steps. You can click over to a second screen that shows your Exercise Time and steps.

Next panels, provides your current Heart Rate along with your last four hour average heart rate and a line chart showing your heart rate over the past four hours. You can toggle over to another HR screen where it shows you your current Heart Rate and what Zone you are in. It will show what part of the zone you are in. There are five zones. Zone 1 is 0-108, Zone 2 is 109-126, Zone 3 is 127-144, Zone 4 is 145-162, and Zone 5 is 163+. After your runs, you can go on the app and it will show you the time you spent in each zone during your run and the percentage. I have loved being able to see this piece of data.

The next screen is the Barometer. Full disclaimer, I really haven’t looked at this screen much. .I think it’s neat that it’s there though and something I will look into more in the future. You can toggle over and see what the Elevation currently is and what the average has been the last four hours. This screen has come in handy as I’m trying to figure out what hills I need to include more in my runs to prepare myself for the Rock n Roll Dublin Half Marathon and the New York City Marathon. This feature has become more and more important to me.

The last screen is a compass. Obviously smart to have for any runner or hiker to figure out what direction they are headed in.

The last screen is for notifications from your phone. I have my phone connected to my COROS PACE Multisport Watch so I’m able to see when a call is coming in, when I receive and email or notification. I’ve really enjoyed being able to use this feature, especially when I’m working out. Helps me stay connected just in case an emergency arises.

The watch uses GPS, GLONASS, and BDS satellites to pinpoint your location and altitude. As noted previously, it also uses a barometer to accurately provide altitude.

The app has so much data. I love it. It allows you to put in your goals and definitely helps to motivate you to hit them each day. It keeps your history so it’s easy to look back at past workouts to see how you compared or improved against it. You also can receive medals for hitting certain achievements. The watch also features an alarm, allowing you to make sure you wake up on time for your workouts.

The calories burned has been helping me a lot right now. I’ve decided I want to lose some weight so I’m able to properly fuel my body as I am tracking calories in versus out so I net the proper amount.

The data has easily synced up right away for me. I’m able to review and analyze how my workouts have gone as soon as I want to.

The watch currently retails for $299.99 and is available through Amazon.

I really like this watch. If you’re in the market for a multisport watch, check this out. Runners, swimmers, cyclists, and triathletes should all give it a look.

Do you have a multisport GPS watch with wrist heart rate censor?

What stats do you like the most from your watch when you run?

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  1. Thanks for the thorough review. I will soon be in the market for a new watch, and these features are what I’m looking for.

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