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Disclaimer: I received a 45 FL OZ bottle of Sweat X Sport Detergent and a 8 FL OZ bottle of Sweat X Sport Odor Eliminator Spray to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

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Colder temperatures equal more layers when I go for my runs outside. One Saturday morning in late November, I went for a long run. I bundled up and put on a green sweatshirt that I’ve enjoyed running in over the past couple of years. When I got home, the first thing out of my wife’s mouth was ‘wow, you stink’.

The funny, or maybe gross, part was during my run I started to smell an unpleasant funk. I knew it was the sweatshirt. I had noticed that it had started to smell the past few runs. I just figured there wasn’t much I could do about it. I mean, I would wash it, sometimes, was it twice before using it. Well, something finally changed.

That something was Sweat X Sport Xtreme Sportwear Detergent.

When I was presented the opportunity to test out Sweat X Sport as a BibRave Pro, I quickly put my name in. I knew I needed to try this out and was hopeful I’d be selected. Thankfully, I was.

As I eagerly awaited my package of Sweat X Sport Xtreme Sportswear Detergent and Xtreme Odor Eliminator Spray, I read up on what it did.

  • Specially formulated, high-performance laundry cleaning solution that removes embedded foul odors (think months-long sweat)
  • Designed to lift and remove difficult stains like grass, clay, mud, & blood
  • Can be used on ALL TYPES OF FABRICS
  • Can be used across all types of washing machines
  • Nanovasice Technology restores fabric performance
  • Exfoliates sweat beads, oils, and residue trapped in fabrics
  • Eliminates sweat related funk & odor from technical fabrics and activewear
  • The Xtreme Odor Eliminator Spray eliminates nasty stench & odors on athletic pads & equipment, shoes, helmets, gym bags, gloves, shin guards, clothing, etc.

So how did it work? I put SweatX Sport Xtreme Sportswear Detergent to work right away as I had a large pile of sweaty running clothes that were funking up my laundry room. Included in the dirty laundry was that green sweatshirt.

The directions called for one capful (1 fluid oz.) for standard size loads and two capfuls (2 fluid oz.) for large or heavily soiled loads.

The Smell of Victory scent of the detergent and spray is very nice. It is definitely not overpowering at all. It’s a very refreshing smell and you have to love the name of it.

When the washer was done, I pulled out my running gear and could already smell how fresh and clean they were. I put everything into the dryer and waited for the end result. When I pulled everything out, it all smelled so good. No more funk or nasty odors. No more worrying about stinking it up.

Just to make sure though, I brought that stinky green sweatshirt to my wife to smell. She just looked at me and was like ‘OMG, it worked. This is fantastic.’ Sweat X Sport had won us both over in one wash.

At this point, I hadn’t used the Odor Eliminator Spray. With it being so cold in New Jersey, I knew I had plenty of gear to use it on. I have been spraying my sneakers with them, gloves, hats, and gym bag. It’s given each of them new life. This is seriously the perfect product for people that workout.

I sweat a lot, so these pieces of gear, particularly my sneakers and bag, that I don’t throw in the laundry after each use or at all, are given new life. No need to stink anymore. The spray works well and gives everything a fresh scent. It’s so easy too. All you do is lightly spray the item and let it dry in an open ventilated area. So easy.

My workout gear is thankful. I’m thankful. My wife and kids are thankful. Noses everywhere are thankful that Sweat X Sport gets the funk out.

Try it out. You can save 15% off your purchase by using discount code “BibRave15” at https://sweatxsport.com/shop/.

If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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