Here We Go Again!

Sometimes, all it takes is a price increase to make you take that leap and sign up for a race. 

That is exactly what happened to me two nights ago. After discussing it with my wife, I signed up to run the 2018 New Jersey Half Marathon on April 29th.

After completing The New Jersey Half Marathon this past April, I promised myself I would come back to see how much I could improve over one year. Run the same race and course and use it as motivation for my training. 

I liked this course. I’ll forever love this race because it was my first. It’s six and a half months, but hey, if you know you want to run, sign up and save some money. Plus, I feel like the more races I sign up for, the more it will hold me accountable. It’ll keep me training. I won’t rev up my training for this event until after the new year, but I have other races with varying distances from now until 2018.

I think I’ll probably sign up for another half marathon in March or run the Garden State 10 Miler again. I’ll start looking to see what makes sense. I think I’m going to try and throw my name into the NYC Half Marathon. I want to research it more though. If not that race, maybe Atlantic City or possibly West Point. I was looking at the half marathon in Montclair, but $130 is a bit stiff of a price at this point. We’ll see.

It seems crazy to sign up for something that is over a half year away but I’m going to make this my top race of 2018. I love knowing what I did last year to give me that extra motivation for training over the cold, winter months. So, here’s to great training in the months ahead and cracking 1:58:00 in Long Branch on April 29th.

Here we go again! 

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