Be Flexible … With Your Schedule

Today was a good lesson for me. It shows that where there is a will there is a way. My daughter was not feeling well, so we decided to keep her home from school. I was planning on getting my outside run in today during my lunch hour. With staying home with her, I knew that was impossible. I realized my only chances to go for a run would be right at that moment before my wife left for work or late tonight when she got home after a late night work function.

I prefer to run during the morning or afternoon for safety reasons. Plus, I feel like if I push it off until that late and with being with the kids all day, I might be wiped out and not go. So I quickly got ready and out the door I went.

It worked out for the best. With the pre-game 4 miler this weekend, I realized a shorter run would be in my best interest. I ended up just running 3.5 miles with 2.5 miles of it being done around the track.

I have noticed that the track’s softer impact is nice on my legs, but I seem to run slower on the track then I do on the road, even though it’s a flat surface. I don’t know if it’s just the scenery or what, but something I’ve been noticing each week recently.

After taking my daughter to the doctor and finding out she has the flu, I’m glad I got that run in first thing. I’m a daddy first and my attention has been all her’s today taking care of her and then bringing her baby brother to the doctor just to make sure he didn’t have the flu either. Thankfully, he tested negative and can go to school.

So today just shows that you need to be able to adjust, roll with the punches. Things will work out no matter what. Don’t get caught up on your plan not working out to a tee. Just continue to strive to stay on course and give a great effort every time.

How do you adjust when your schedule changes suddenly?

Would love to hear from you. Let me know.

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