Soaked But Happy

For those of you in NJ, you know the past two days has brought some ugly weather. I decided to bundle up, brave the rain and wind and go for a run up at the track.

After running the half mile to the track, I was a bit shocked to see someone else had the same “brilliant” idea as me. To the lady running around the track for most of the time I was there, you were very motivating and definitely Runspirational. I have no idea who you are and we did not speak, but your grit and determination helped me fight through the elements today and finish my 6.09 miles in a faster time than expected.

Before I went out the door, I decided I was just going to run today. No looking at my watch, at my pace every other second, just run the over 6 miles until I was done. I covered up my FitBit Surge and away I went.

I totally had thoughts of what the hell am I doing out here in this weather, you could’ve done this on the treadmill, you’re going to be soaked when you get home, I hope my new shoes come soon these things might be water logged for days. LOL. The conversations we have with ourselves. Don’t worry, I had someone positive ones too like this will pay off for the New Jersey Half Marathon. If you go faster, you’ll get home faster. They never said it would be easy, but it’s well worth it. Keep going, you got this. And you know what, I did.

I ended up running the 6.09 miles in 58:36 for a 9:37 pace according to my FitBit Surge.

I had to ring out my gloves four times to get all of the water and sweat out. I was soaked but I was happy. Happy that I pushed it. Happy that I was Inspired to Run and who knows maybe I inspired the other runner.

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