13.1 Q&A with Hollie (3/17/17)

Hollie S. , FueledbyLOLZ
Meet Hollie, who does a fantastic job with her blog FueledbyLOLZ.
Hollie loves to race and her blog offers a lot of great information on training, races, gear, and diners. Yep, that’s right, she blogs about diners throughout the State of New Jersey. Hollie was kind of enough to take the time out of her busy schedule to answer my 13.1 questions. Check out her answers below. I’m sure you will enjoy them as I mush I as did. Thank you so much Hollie for becoming a friend and for being so Runspirational!

Hollie started running seven years ago in March. She was a collegiate swimmer and had only run twice in college. Then, she saw a a bulletin board at her college gym stating if you completed the annual campus 5k you would get a free long sleeve t-shirt. She figured “if it’s free, it’s for me” and signed up to get that free long sleeve t-shirt. The race was a blur, she remembers not hating it, and she got her free long sleeve t-shirt which she wore proudly. She started to run more and more, joined the cross country team, and was on her way. Fast forward seven years, and she has completed 30+ half marathons, 2 full marathons, and countless other races, many in which she has won or placed as the top female. She has met countless new friends, as well as her husband through running. Just an incredible story about how a free long sleeve t-shirt got Hollie to start running, which eventually led to her meeting her husband.

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1 – What is your top goal for 2017?
My top goal for any year is to stay healthy.  My second goal is to PR.

2 – What got you into running races for the first time?
I got into running after being stale with collegiate swimming.  I entered my first 5k for a free long sleeve Tshirt.  I wrote more about here (https://fueledbylolz.com/running-story/)

3 – What has been your all time favorite race and why?
My favorite race would have to be the Nike Women’s Half marathon in 2013.  I’ve since run faster but at the time it was a PR.  During my first job after college, I suffered from social anxiety including traveling to new places.  Since it was a lottery system I had sign up months in advance. As the race drew closer, I counted myself out and nearly didn’t go.  I made the choice to break out of my comfort zone, drive down from Upstate New York and run.  I ended up placing 9th out of 15,000 women as well as running a PR of 1:24.  I could not have asked for a better experience.

4 – What is your favorite distance to run while training?
Right now my favorite training distance is 10 miles.  Mentally, I usually break it up into 2X5 miles and it goes by quickly.  I will say I enjoy doing speed work more than actual long easy runs.

5 – What is your favorite race distance to race?
My favorite distances are the 5k as well as the half.

6 – What are your favorite songs that motivate you when you’re running?
Right now my favorite songs are Adele: water under the bridge, Paris by The Chainsmokers.

7 – Which races are on your bucket list that you haven’t run yet?
That’s tough because I typically enjoy most races.  I find the experience with family and friends make the race.  One race I would like to do is the Air Force half or full marathon.  My husband is in the Air Force so it would be meaningful for us!

8 – What is your typical go to racing outfit?
It’s definitely dependent on the race weather.  I usually rock one of my club or work singlets with spandex and CEP compression socks.  Lately I’ve been known to have a big hair bun on top too.

9 – What is your favorite type of weather/temperature that you like to run in?
My favorite race weather is 40 degrees and sunny.  In 2016, I raced almost exclusively in 40 degrees, pouring rain and significant wind.

10 – What is your favorite thing about running?
Running is where my friends are.  My best friends, husband and customers I help working in running retail run.

11 – What has been your favorite medal you’ve received after completing a race?
I don’t have a favorite.

12 – What do you do with your bibs after a races?
I have saved every single bib from every race.  During the current year, I normally pin them on a bulletin board and then file them in number order afterwards.

13 – What made you decide to start your blog?
In 2011, I wanted to chronicle my journey of collegiate swimming and finding running.  Since then my focus has changed to running as I no longer swim.

Bonus Question – What is your favorite hobby (besides running of course)?
I currently review diners in the State of New Jersey.  I’ve been to 130+ now!

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