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I was excited to have the opportunity to test two brand new flavors for Gatorade Endurance. The new flavors that I received were the watermelon endurance formula (32 oz canister) and the mango energy gels. I also received a really cool Gatorade Endruance watermelon themed bottle that has been coming through clutch for me on my runs.

Most of the longer races I’ve ran offering Gatorade Endurance on at its hydration stations. I knew this was a fantastic opportunity to train with fueling options that I use on race days. Plus, these flavors were definitely two that caught my attention, especially the watermelon endurance formula. I LOVE watermelon so seeing this option now available was an added bonus.

The Gatorade Endurance Formula Powder provides nearly two times the sodium (310 mg) and more than three times the potassium (140 mg) than traditional Gatorade. This is really important to me. As you have read, I’m still working on my hydration due to the excessive sweating that I have during my runs. The more sodium and potassium the better. The formula powder is only 90 calories per 12 oz, so it keeps the calories in line and has been fitting into my daily calorie count on the days I’ve used it to fuel my runs.

One of the nice features of the brand new watermelon Gatorade Endurance formula powder is that there are no artificial flavors.

Gatorade also promotes that the watermelon flavor has a light taste. This was definitely the case. Sometimes, energy drinks can be a bit overpowering and not sit right during a long run. This new flavor definitely delivered on the light taste, which is a great thing. You taste the watermelon but it isn’t overpowering. It also doesn’t taste like it’s too water downed either. It’s nice and subtle. I’ve really been enjoying it on my longer runs.

The Gatorade Endurance energy gel is a 1.3 oz pouch that contains 20g of carbs, 90 calories, 100mg of sodium, and 35g of potassium. The new mango flavor is easy to take down and has a nice taste to it. It didn’t leave me any weird after tastes and felt fine in my stomach during my runs. The new flavor did not disappoint. It’s perfect for distance training and racing. I’ve been taking one before my longer runs and I can feel the pop of energy it is meant to supply. I’ve been very satisfied with this brand new flavor.

Definitely check out the two brand new flavors from Gatorade Endurance. They are perfect for those that are racing and training for prolonged periods of time. Check out for more information.

Do you use Gatorade Endurance in your training?

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