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Athlinks is an awesome website/app that allows you to track all of your race results in one place. Whether it’s running races, triathlon, swimming, cycling, mountain biking, etc., you can find your results. It is the largest results database for competitive endurance athletes in the world. If you can’t, Athlinks will add them to the database and link them to the members’ accounts.

I actually got to see this firsthand. When I originally signed up for Athlinks, I easily found 18 out of 19 races I was looking to upload to my profile. One race was missing the 2017 results. I simply sent a note to customer service with a link to the race results for the 2017 and the very next day, it was linked up to my account. Quick, simple, and deeply appreciated.

I run a lot of the same races each year. Athlinks makes it simple to go look at my previous years results and motivates me to train hard to beat my previous course records.

It also keeps your PRs (personal records) right up top as a friendly highlight of your fabulous achievements. It also lets you know how you compare to others on Athlinks, how many races you have logged in Athlinks, and the total mileage of those races. Very cool features.

Finding your race results is simple. Like, you can’t make it any easier. All you do is simply type in your name into a search box.

I ran the United NYC Half Marathon last weekend. Here I am looking to claim my results. All I did was type my name into the search box and the first thing that popped up was my unclaimed race result from the United NYC Half Marathon. You simply click on it and claim your result. It then loads into

Another very cool feature on Athlinks is the “Start List”. After you sign up for a race, add yourself to the “Start List” on Athlinks. Here, you can see which of your fellow runners will be competing in the race. You can see input a Goal Time along with notes. I did this for the New Jersey Half Marathon. I added myself to the “Start List” and I entered a Goal Time of 1:57:58. I ran a personal record of 1:58:00 at last year’s New Jersey Half Marathon. This area also allows you to add other notes/goals. I added a reminder of a goal of finishing strong and powering through miles 10-13.1. I had issues at that point last year. Athlinks allows me to look at that reminder throughout my training.

You can follow lots of your running friends on Athlinks. I’ve connected with a lot of mine and would love to follow you too. Here is a link to my profile. I’ll gladly follow back.

Did you know that over 10 million athletes cross a finish line at a race each year in the U.S.? Check out Athlinks, set up your account, and let’s follow one another. Let’s be rivals and be runspirational. Enjoy!

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