Runspirational Reflections 10/9/17

I’ve decided that I need to write more blog posts again and get back into the run of things. My blog posts can be on the longer side, so I’m going to try and get a few fast entries in regularly. I’ve decided to call these “Runspirational Reflections”.¬† So here is the first of many. Let me know your thoughts on this.

  1. Last week was a great week of training. I felt like I was hitting on all cylinders. It was probably my best week of training since The New Jersey Half Marathon. I decided I needed to step it up after the Newport Liberty Half Marathon results. I know my times aren’t where I want them but when you push yourself and your runs, you know you’ll get there.
  2. It’s been raining all day here in NJ. With a 3 mile run on tap today, I decided to go enjoy it out in the rain. It was actually a bit refreshing and felt good. It was a slower pace run, so I was able to really make sure I avoided puddles and any slippery surfaces. I was soaked when I was done but sometimes it feels great to get a good run done in the rain.
  3. It appears I’m in need of one or two new pairs of running sneakers. I like to rotate three during the week. The one pair is completely done in as the tread is missing in some areas. A second pair look like bald tires. Good thing is, I was lucky to do a search and found out Asics has a lot more of the 18 Gel Nimbus on their website at a discounted rate. I had two pairs of those and loved them. Thinking about order two more. I love the end of year or a year old model that you can get cheaper.
  4. It was so awesome to read all of the tweets about the Chicago Marathon in my Twitter feed from a lot of the runspirational runners I follow. I’ve been trying to like and comment on each but know I will miss some. Just wanted to say congratulations to all. What a great feat!
  5. Speaking of the Chicago Marathon, fantastic job by Galen Rupp and my favorite runner, Jordan Hasay. Galen was the first American male to win Chicago since 2002.  Jordan finished with the second fastest American female time ever (2:20:57). They are both truly runspirational.
  6. I’m working on the next Runspirational 13.1 Q&A. It will go live this week, so be on the look out for that.¬†Speaking of 13.1 Q&A, let me know if you have any interest in participating.
  7. The New Jersey Half Marathon released a new website. The rate for both the marathon and half marathon increases on 10/11. The half goes from $75 to $100. As long as my wife is on board, I will be signing back up for this event to see how I do year over year.

Questions for You

  1. When was your last great week of training?
  2. Do you like running in the rain?
  3. What did you think of the Chicago Marathon?
  4. Will you buy older shoe models or no looking back for you?
  5. When do you start planning on your 2018 races?


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