Never Say Never

Never say never.

We all have things we have said we would never do. Sometimes, we end up facing those fears, doubts, or  dreams we thought couldn’t happen. We take on the task of conquering what seemed like it could never be a reality head on. We push ourselves through hard work and dedication to show ourselves how strong we are. We knock down those doubts and break through those fears to accomplish what once seemed like a never.

That is exactly what happened this past Tuesday evening. A 3.1 mile (5K) run around the reservoir at South Mountain Reservation.  Someone who said they would never and I mean never ever run, not only started running but ran a 5K. This happened in less than two months after starting to run and train. Oh, and as an added bonus, not only was the goal of running and completing a 5K achieved, a goal time was defeated.

That someone is my wife.

My wife has always supported and encouraged me to train. She has called me out knowing it would motivate me more at exactly the right times. She always said she would never run. Quite honestly, I had never seen her run. After about 10 years of being together, we had a funny conversation that included things like I hate running, you’ll never see me run, I don’t run, nope never going to happen.

During my NJ Half Marathon training, I started saying to her that I bet you start running. I know you’re going to run a race. It’s contagious. It’s spreading around our group of friends. You’re going to do it. To which I would get, nope, not going to happen. Never!

For me, it was different being there, being the support this time and not the runner. It was a good different. A proud different. I got to spend time with my kids cheering on and supporting mommy. Something the three of them have done for me during almost all of my races. I got to be the one holding the camera this time.  To see how proud she was running to the finish line. To see the runner’s face as they crossed the finish line, eyes lighting up as they saw a time they didn’t think was possible. To say congratulations on a great run. To listen to the details of the race and how happy she was to complete it. 

I guess you could say it was a first for both of us. A first I was proud to be a part of. A first of many I’m sure.

Congratulations Angela. We are so proud of you. You have turned a ‘never’ into a feat. You’ve pushed yourself and challenged yourself to do something you thought was impossible. You are truly Runspirational. I mean it.  What you accomplished is the exact purpose and meaning of the name Runspirational. You have been inspired to run and your run to inspire has happened without you even realizing it. That’s how it works.

It inspired me to go out the next day and crank up my speed. It inspired me to push myself more during this half marathon training from here on out. It inspired me to train harder and test my limits more. Not to take it so easy. It inspired me to keep at it because you just never know who you might inspire to conquer a never.

Never say never. My wife, the runner!

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  1. So happy that you support each other. Life is easier and sweeter when you shars with someone you love. Congratulations to both of you.

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