Pre-Game 4 Miler Recap

I had a great time at the Pre-Game 4 Miler yesterday in Morristown. It was a nice turn out and I enjoyed the course. It felt good to run in a race again. It’s been two months since my last race so it was good to be pushed by others.

I felt good yesterday, very strong. I did find myself looking at my pace and wondering if I was going to quick. My breathing was fine, so I need to realize that I am getting in better shape, more conditioned, and I guess a little bit faster too. This is the reason you add in some prep races before the event you are really training for, in my case, the NJ Half Marathon.

I’ve never run a 4 mile race, so this was a first but I figured it was right in between the 5K and 8K races I’ve run in the past. I was happy with my time. My original goal was to break 36 minutes, which I was able to. I was close and there are a few instances I can look back on and question if I pushed a little harder here, could’ve I broke 35. My chip time was 35:11.02 for a pace of 8:47. I finished 256 out of 760. My splits, according to my FitBit Surge, were:

Mile 1 – 8:36
Mile 2 – 8:51
Mile 3 – 9:12
Mile 4 – 8:32

I was proud that my fastest mile was the last one, especially after recovering from mile 3. This course had a very long hill about 1 1/2 miles through and a very steep hill around 2 1/2 miles. That is why you see a drop in time on both. I was proud of myself though. I always strive to never stop running, especially on hills. I tell myself, keep moving you got this. That’s nothing against anyone that feels it’s best for themselves to stop, it’s just always one of my personal goals.

The course was really nice. You start off running near the green in Morristown. You end up passing by parks, then up along some very beautiful homes, then onto a busy road, up back up a hill with about a half mile to go and then two turns to the finish. The race promoters had bagels, water, granola bars, coffee, bananas, a dj, and a nutritional company allowing you to spin for a chance to win something. It was quite nice, especially for it being Super Sunday. I definitely would run this race again.

I think if I was to run this race again this week, I would definitely be able to run it quicker. I hadn’t run this course, so I didn’t know how my legs would react to the hills. I knew they were there and I think prepping for them throughout the race caused me to save a little. Plus, the first mile was flat and then downhill. My pace was ahead of what I’ve been training at and I was worried I was getting out too quickly. I don’t think I was. I think I could’ve hit the gas a little more on that stretch of the race.

I warmed up for this race with about a 15 minute jog. I felt good and ready. I know some of what I wrote might make it sound like I wasn’t happy, but I was. I’m just critiquing my race. I know I can always improve and learn from every race I’m in.

The only part of Sunday’s run that felt weird and different was I was alone. It was the first race I ran without my wife and kids at it. Both of my kids were sick, so it was best for them to stay home. I was fine running and it was cold out so it’s better they were home, but it was weird to cross the finish line and not have them there. I always love to see them on the course somewhere. It gives my body and extra kick.

With racing on Sunday, I took Saturday as a rest day. Since I only ran 4 miles yesterday (never thought the word “only” would come before “ran 4 miles” in my life lol), I decided to go for a recovery run today. It was a nice and easy pace. I ended up running for 53:07 and got 5.11 miles in. I tried not looking at my pace at all. I only checked my watch to see how long I was running. I wanted to get somewhere around 50-55 minutes in today. I did about 4 miles of the run up on the track in my new pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 18. I got them a couple of weeks ago, been walking around in them to break them in, so I figured a recovery run was perfect to christen them.

When is your next race?

What are your thoughts on running hills?

Would love to hear from you.

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