Packet Pick Up & Course Preview

The race I am running this weekend is on Sunday. The Pre-Game 4 Miler allows you to pick up your packet on Friday or Saturday at the Running Company in Morristown. I decided to go pick it up tonight.

I’d never been to the Running Company but it was a nice store. I ended up purchasing one of The Travel Sticks. I’ve been intending to get one to help with recovery and warming up, so when I saw it there I figured I’d check out the price. They had it at the cheapest price I’ve seen online, so I picked it up. I like to help out the local running stores whenever I can. I think it’s great how they help out for a lot of races with being packet pick up locations.

I really liked the long sleeve t-shirt I received tonight for this race. I don’t know if it’s just because I love football so much, but I thought the front was really neat looking. Glad to add it to my collection.

After I was done there, I decided to drive the course. I’ve never run in Morristown, so this was all new to me. I actually parked right near the start of the race, without even knowing, so it worked out well when I decided to drive the course. The course has some hills throughout it that look challenging. Not sure what that will do to my time but I’m glad I could see where they are roughly and how long they are. I think it’ll help me mentally prepare more for it. The area around my house that I run has a lot of hills so I think I’ll be up for the challenge. I have to be, right?

Since I have the race this weekend and I’m taking off today instead of doing a long run, I kept my Friday work out as a cross training day. I ended up going for 45 minutes on the elliptical. Kept the resistance at a lower threshold. I just wanted to get loose, burn a lot of calories, get a great sweat going, and let my legs take it easy. Mission accomplished.

When is your next race? What race is it and what’s the distance? Would love to hear from you. Good luck to all that are running this weekend.

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