New Race For This Clydesdale

I decided I’m going to run in the Pre-Game 4 Miler, a USATF certified race, in Morristown, NJ on Super Bowl Sunday. It looks like a fun race and close to home. Wish me luck. It will be my first 4 miler, fitting in between the 5K and 8Ks I’ve run. One thing I know for sure, it’ll be a PR for me ;o)

So I love it when I’m asked if I want to run in the Clydesdale division. It always produces a nice giggle out of me. It makes me think of myself as this big, strong runner galloping down the road, then reality sets in. I do like the idea though. I know some don’t. It’s similar to age range groups to me. Just another fun category to try and see how one fairs against similar runners. For this race, the division starts at 200 lbs.

There aren’t a lot of choices for races in NJ from January to March, so this one fits in well. I like the idea of running on Super Bowl Sunday in a race considering the appetizers and beer I plan on enjoying during the game. It’s kind of like running a race on Thanksgiving. At least it counters some of the calories that will be coming in to my body.

The race starts at 11:00 am. I’ve never run a race with a later start time like this, but it should be fine. Currently, a lot of my weekend runs overlap 11:00 am, so my body should be fine with it.

This will be a new course for me. Not sure if I’ll get to drive it prior to race day or if I’ll just wing it. Not a fan of winging it, so hopefully I’ll be able to find a video online of it or drive it later in the week. I’ve heard about a nice hill on it around mile 2ish so at least I’ll be prepared for that. My legs look forward to it.

If you’re planning on running this race, let me know.

As for today’s work out, it was a cross training today. I had a nice intense work out on the elliptical for an hour. Burned a lot of calories, produced a good sweat, and pushed my legs.

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