A Good Run to Change Your Mood

Sometimes all it takes is a good run to help you get into a better mood. At least, that seems to help me. A good run is a stress reliever for me. It helps me clear my head. Think about things that are going on. Think them through and hopefully lift some of the weight off of your shoulders from whatever was going on.

Today was one of those days for me. Work has been a beast this week. There was a part of me that didn’t even want to work out or run. But the other part said, really, something like that is going to get you to skip out on your half marathon training, on your health, on you going for your goals? I knew it would help and it would be worth it.

It was snowing in NJ today and I was scheduled for a treadmill run anyway, so things broke the right way. I went to the gym and decided to lift my chest and shoulders first. I need to lift more as part of my training, so I’m trying to make sure I do it when I’m at the gym. After lifting, I hopped on the treadmill.

I had thought about what speeds I would run and when I would increase them. Well as I got going, I was feeling good. I decided I wanted to crank it up through out the run and run just a little bit longer of a distance. I mean, hey, I had to burn off those brownies I ate last night … oh and probably the ones I’m going to eat tonight.

I really sprinted hard for the last 5 minutes. Cranking up the speed every minute, every 15 seconds, every 10 seconds. I was breathing hard at the end when my 60 minutes hit. I ran for 57 minutes and ran 6.25 miles. I walked 3 minutes to warm up and get my music going, TV on, comfy and covered .15 miles plus another two minute walk at the end for 62 minutes and around 6.53 miles.

I felt so much better after. In such a better mood. It’s relieving to be able to go for a good run, change your mood, especially before the family gets home. Now to enjoy a nice fire and hey where are those brownies? ;o)

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