Change Things for the Better!

My work out for today is below the meme but I wanted to touch on this first.

So earlier this morning, I was searching for a quote to post on the Runspirational Twitter and Facebook feeds. I came across the below quote from George Sheehan and it really hit me with everything that’s going on. No matter how you feel or what you believe in, we all can make a difference moving forward. We can make things better for ourselves if we are dedicated, disciplined, have the energy, and the feeling that we can change things. Make changes positively. Challenge yourself every day to be better. Dedicate yourself to you. Learn how to push yourself to be more discipline and devote the energy you need to be better. Feel yourself changing things for the better. It will be addicting, positively addicting and can spread. Know that you are worth it and you have it in you to do it. I know you do. I know I do. Be Runspirational!

It’s been a busy but fun Friday. Today was a cross training day for me. I hit the gym and got on the elliptical for 47 minutes. I concentrated on maintaining a good speed, not as fast as earlier in the week, and keeping my heart rate elevated. According to my Fitbit Surge, I was able to burn 852 calories during my work out. My legs feel good, exactly what I was looking for, before tomorrow’s long run. I’m scheduled to run 9 miles tomorrow so I’m making sure I’m hydrating and getting my legs ready.

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